Meditation date change to 2/18/18
Come join us at Blossom Healings on Sunday, February 18 from 11am-12:30pm for group meditation and clearing.
We will be focusing on chakras 3 and 5, Will & Choice.
Please wear comfortable clothing, no experience necessary. Pre-registration suggested.
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2018 Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk

April 28, 2018, 10:00am - April 29, 2018, 2:00pm

A whimsical afternoon at Salisbury’s most beautiful farm, PETTENGILL FARM walk through lush gardens, an enchanted forest, and the serene marsh; it’s an event like no other. ABOUT THE EVENT Join us at our fourth annual Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk at Pettengill Farm. The gems of the event are the 150+ Fairy and Gnome Homes peppered throughout a 1 mile wooded path that leads to the marsh and back. Homes are created by very talented professionals, families, school children, and local businesses. Fairy Gnome Discovery Walk Pettengill Farm 45 Ferry Road Salisbury, MA Saturday & Sunday April 28 & 29 2018 10-3 Rain or shine Tickets may be purchased online at ticket booth day of event. FREE admission for home creators. BE SURE TO "LIKE" AND SHARE OUR PAGE!!!

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Underneath the Noise

There is beauty and power when we listen to the whisper.

You may have noticed that if you want to speak to someone in a noisy, crowded room, the best thing to do is lean close and whisper. Yelling in an attempt to be louder than the room's noise generally only hurts your throat and adds to the chaos. Similarly, that still, small voice within each of us does not try to compete with the mental chatter on the surface of our minds, nor does it attempt to overpower the volume of the raucous world outside. If we want to hear it, no matter what is going on around us or even inside us, we can always tune in to that soft voice underneath the surrounding noise.

It is generally true that the more insistent voices in our heads delivering messages that make us feel panicky or afraid are of questionable authority. They may be voices we internalized from childhood or from the culture, and as such they possess only half-truths. Their urgency stems from their disconnectedness from the center of our being, and their urgency is what catches our attention. The other voice that whispers reassurances that everything is fundamentally okay simply delivers its message with quiet confidence. Once we hear it, we know it speaks the truth. Generally, once we have heard what it has to say, a powerful sense of calm settles over our entire being, and the other voices and sounds, once so dominant, fade into the background, suddenly seeming small and far away.

We may find that our own communications in the world begin to be influenced by the quiet certainty of this voice. We may be less inclined to indulge in idle chatter as we become more interested in maintaining our connection to the whisper of truth that broadcasts its message like the sound of the wind shaking the leaves of a tree. As we align ourselves more with this quiet confidence, we become an extension of the whisper, penetrating the noise of the world and creating more peace, trust, and confidence.
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