Essentia Healing

May 17, 2018 all-day
Blossom Healings
54 Main St
Topsfield, MA 01983
Maribeth Harrington

Essentia Healing


Maribeth Harrington
Reiki Master, Chakra Master,

Melchizedek Master

My work is simple and sacred.

In every session I assist you in connecting with your higher self and team of guides for your highest good and the most benevolent outcome.

Reiki restores universal life flow energy, reduces stress, facilitates physical healing, and increases spiritual awareness.

Chakra Clearing/Balancing assists you in breaking through areas of your life that aren’t working or where you feel stuck.

Melchizedek sessions clear your energy field in multiple dimensions, release dense energies and negative cords of attachment, restore your original energetic blueprint, and raise your energetic frequency and vibration to the highest level possible for you at this time.

Initial sessions include filling out a new client form, learning what it is that you want to work on, and general information about the healing modality.

In all sessions, clients remain fully clothed but remove their shoes, and client and healer maintain decorum at all times. We will discuss hand placement and if there are any areas where touch should be avoided due to injury or sensitivities, and any allergies you may have to essential oils.


Healing sessions take place at Blossom Healings, 54 Main Street, Topsfield, MA.

Email: or Cell: 781-353-4868

In Peace and With Love,